5 Simple Steps to Motivate Yourself Each Day

Motivate yourself

Motivate yourself

Do you jump out of bed every morning  with enthusiasm and excitement to take on your day?  If you did, you don’t need to read any further. If you don’t, this article could help you motivate yourself to live each day with passion and energy.

Life without passion and excitement is dreary existence. It is possible that you have a job that doesn’t actually have you glowing with excitement. Maybe you have a marriage that doesn’t exude any fire. It is possible that you have a social life which is non-existent, whatever maybe your state; it is possible to live life with zeal and passion. You need to motivate yourself to life your life with enthusiasm.

How can I motivate myself?

Great question! I have asked this of myself for years. Have I found all the answers? Maybe not all, but I have found some answers that work for me. Are they easy? They are pretty simple, but you need to spend time and effort. Will they work? I am sure they do, if you really make the effort.

Five steps to motivate yourself

Go to bed with the right thoughts. Many of us imagine things worse than they actually turn out to be. It helps to think positively about day ahead before you go to sleep. Spend some time lying in bed reflecting on the task ahead. Imagine doing each of your tasks to your best potential. While you are at it take time to fill in details of how you can do them well. Take pleasure in the feeling of having done your job well, smell the air of pure achievement. Indulge in the emotions; let your body and mind take in the positive feeling that rushes through you when you have exceeded your expectations. Hear what others say of you. Feel the happiness within. Practice these little sensations day after day and see your mood improve as you wake up to another day. It isn’t enough to think right; you also need to fill up your sense with the right feelings.

Wake up feeling great. There are days when you may never want to get out of bed. I have had these days too, although never anymore. You need to find the things that make you happy in the morning and load your senses with an overdose of those sensations. If you like to wake up to the smell of strong coffee, invest in getting the best coffee for your morning cuppa.  I personally love listening to the song of birds, smelling the roses and jasmines. I have a good collection of plants in my balcony which fill my senses with the beauty of each dawning day. Thankfully I have a whole orchestra of birds singing for me in my backyard that I don’t have to go out looking for them.

Speak yourself into the right mood. There is enough negativity out there, so make sure that you steer clear of negativity. Affirm yourself. You could use statements to this effect –‘I am determined and greatly motivated to make this day the best day of my life.’ ‘I look forward to doing my best at ______ today”   Keep going over these statements until they become the constant refrain in your mind.

Be grateful for what you have. Being grateful at the start of each day helps you focus positively on what you already have instead of moaning over what you don’t.

Walk and act as if you already have what you want. Okay, there are those that say, ‘fake it and you make it’, I wouldn’t like to put it that way. I would like to say ‘practice it, until you make it work for you.’ Walk like you are the happiest person, smile like you have found the love of your life, speak like you have what you have got what it takes. It comes with practice. Keep working at it. Get yourself a little gift, like a bunch of flowers for your work desk which brings a smile to your lips and keeps you in a pleasant mood through the day.  Or maybe it would help to reduce the clutter and jazz up your work desk.

Add some fun to your routine.  Yes, it is important to have fun. Make friends with like minded people. Hanging out with them or even having lunch together could become a pleasurable routine. I used to hang out with a crowd of highly motivated people at work who knew how to have fun. We usually had lunch together even if we worked in other departments. We also dedicated a day for a special lunch every week; we would either go to a nice restaurant or bring something special to share. This later extended to social get-togethers as we hung together with our families on weekends. Work became enjoyable as we looked forward to seeing each other and spending time together at breaks and lunch. Having good friends has other benefits too, you may have found yourself a great support group to help reduce stress at work and different perspectives to see your situation objectively.

Work would no more be the same again. Life will take on different hues and dimensions as you practice these skills in each area of your life.