5 Steps to Inner Peace

Inner peace often sounds alien and mystical to most of us. It shouldn’t really be that way, as it is only a state of mind like happiness , sorrow or fear. There are so many out there mystifying and packaging inner-peace so that they can make a livelihood of your search for the elusive state of mind. There isn’t really any mysterious or magical to it. This mental state can be achieved with a little practice if you can pay attention to the games your mind plays. It is matter of choice and focus and that is all there is to inner peace.

Personally speaking I had been on a search of inner-peace for years. It did seem elusive and vague to me at that point in time. However, when I did realize the power of the mind and how I could change the way it has been wired, I have come to a conclusion that inner peace isn’t anything mystical or magical. I don’t chant for hours, I don’t sit cross legged and whine in pain. I have just ‘reset’ the way I live life.

To gain inner-peace, we need to unlearn some of the things we have learned from the people around us. Life is not always about money. Peace and happiness is possible without having loads of money. On the contrary I have discovered that the simpler your life is the more your peace and joy of living.
Here are some simple steps to achieve inner peace.

Learn to love. Love yourself. If you don’t have it within, you cannot give it to others. Be kind to yourself; compliment yourself, cut out the negative chatter in your mind that keeps telling you that you are not good enough.

Love people, nature, animals for what they are. You could start with being grateful for their presence in your life, enjoy them and learn to extend positive feelings towards them. If people could only understand that they need to love people and not things, there would be so much peace and sanity within and on this Earth.

When you train your mind to love people, nature and animals; compassion flows from you. You realize that you are a tiny part in the larger scheme of this creation/universe.

Exult in the power of giving; give of yourself. Being able to give unconditional love, forgiveness, willingness to overlook the mistakes of others etc., frees you from feeling like a victim. You begin to feel like a person who is in control over his/her life. When you give freely, you receive the freedom to be who you are. Focus on love and compassion towards others. Start looking beyond yourself and your pains/problems to the larger scheme of things happening around you.  Learning to live in harmony with the people and things around you could be the first step to living in peace within.  Focus outside.

When you give your best, the best will come back to you. Keep doing your best no matter what. When you understand the larger purpose of your life; you are able to deliver your best, even in adverse circumstances. Take pleasure in the satisfaction of having done your best, let the results be, they are not under your control. Worrying over it wouldn’t help you in anyway. Success is not in the results. We often confuse position/ power/ wealth with success. They are just the result of success. True success lies in having done your best and having learned from it.

Get fear out of your life. Fear destroys your inner-peace and happiness. Fear births anger, negativity and often breeds dissatisfaction. Teach your mind to face fear and drive negativity out of your mind. Ask yourself why not instead of why?  Troubles like joys and sorrows are also fleeting by nature. Adopt a balanced philosophy to life. You can do that by telling yourself when you are in the midst of troubles – This too shall pass.

Arm yourself with tranquilizing thoughts that can chase out fear, anxiety, worry, insecurity etc. Begin each day by telling yourself, “I believe in the power of positive thoughts, I am determined to explore every opportunity that comes my way today and conquer my fears. I am positive about having a bright future.”  You could make your own affirmative statement for that particular situation in your life to help you through.

You may wonder if I have the order of these tips wrong. No, not really, I have put each of them in this order for a purpose. It is easier to start enjoying life first, before you start working on your thought processes. When you enjoy what you do, it is easy to change your thought processes with very little effort from your side.

I hope you found this article meaningful and practical. If you did will you do yourself a favor? Take time to find your inner-peace and enjoy your life!