Achieve what you want using your secret weapons

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Achieve What You Want

Our mind is a fascinating system which could be channeled to help us achieve incredible things. However, we hardly ever put it to use effectively because we are unaware of the power within. For ages, we have been taught to look outside to build up ourselves; the truth is we have so much power within that if we combined our acquired knowledge and skills with our inner natural resources we could achieve much more than we could even dare to dream or believe.

Your thoughts, words and senses are such powerful tools that can bring what exists in the realm of your dreams as a distant reality to a powerful, pulsating reality that you can experience. Employing these tools effectively could help you create the reality you want. However, this needs a firm commitment and determination on your side.

Visualization and self-affirmations have long been known to be effective in achieve goals. It is important to employ these tools in tandem to make your dream a reality.  The subconscious mind which determines most of our behaviour can be easily manipulated to believe that your dreams are plausible. However, it is more difficult to fool your conscious mind into believing in your dreams. Your conscious mind rejects what it believes to be illogical or impossible and limits the possibilities based on past experiences and knowledge.

Is it possible to break this barrier and regroup your strengths to achieve what you want? Yes, it is possible, if you can devote yourself to it. You need to form new habits which structure your new behaviour towards your goals/dreams.

Your thoughts need be your first line of attack.  Spot all negative thoughts and replace them with realistic and positive thoughts. You could just extend the negative thought with a ‘but’ and a positive action to it – for e.g. ‘I am behind schedule’ could be extended into ‘but I am determined to work harder, be more organized and reach my goals.’

See your goal -Visualize your goal. If being ahead of your work schedules and achieving your goals is your dream; see yourself as organized, well planned and pushing ahead towards your goals, keep visualizing and seeing yourself this way many times a day.

Speak your way to your goal. Add affirmations and positive self-talk to strengthen your resolve. Loudly tell yourself things such as ‘I am determined and highly motivated to be ahead of my schedule, I shall avoid laziness and putting things off for another time’. The more you affirm the more determined and focused you will become.

Hear the fruit of your success. Take time to imagine the compliments people pay you. Take delight in them and imagine your response to them. This strengthens your motivation to keep on working towards your goals.

Feel the emotions of pride and satisfaction wash over you, as you see yourself reaching your goals ahead of schedules. Imagine yourself dressed for success, visualize the places your efforts take you too and the activities that your goals will promote you to.

Take time to see each detail and feel them in your mind. Continue to do these things until you achieve what you want. Getting used to seeing your success before it becomes a reality is half the battle won. When you put mind over matter the trophies slide and fall into your arms with ease. It is just a matter of unlearning old behaviour and learning new ones.

I hope this year will be a year of achievements and satisfaction for you my readers.