Feeling Empty Within

Have you ever experienced feeling empty within? If you have, you are not alone. There are many out there who feel empty though they lead seemingly successful and busy lives. The feelings of emptiness could be from a lack of love, direction, or meaning in life. However, it is usually a sign of a deep seated need.

People who feel empty inside often try to fill it up with things which eventually hurt them. They resort to addictive habits like  drugs, food, sex, hoarding material things etc. None of these habits/things can make that sense of emptiness go away, in fact it can only serve to make things worse; although it may provide the person a sense of temporary emotional satisfaction/comfort.  This feeling of emptiness within causes people to make more wrong choices in life leading to added pain and misery.

How to overcome that feeling of emptiness?

Look within – Looking for things outside does not help fix the problem within. Look for the answers within – ask yourself questions until you find what your need is. Don’t settle for answers that seek solutions outside. The solution to the problem lies within you.

Love yourself. This is an important Biblical principle, which is often misinterpreted. If you do not love yourself you can neither give nor receive love. There is often a great longing for love within; this need is like yawning hole with no end. It is impossible for another human being to fulfill this need, especially when you are hurting and lashing out in your feeling of emptiness.

Love and accept yourself with all your flaws; if you don’t, no one will. Learn to see the good in you, appreciate those qualities in you that make you human. Strengthen those aspects of your personality by working on them. It is better to focus on what you have rather than what you don’t. Don’t go looking for love yet; you may not be ready to love another human being until you have learned to get a handle on your emotions.

Understand yourself. Knowing what you want from life helps you work towards self-satisfaction. When you have a focus and direction in life your feeling of emptiness gives way to a sense of purpose. As you achieve your goals you sense of self-worth and value goes up in your own eyes filling the deep need within.

Believe in yourself. Believe that you are not a victim; you have power over yourself and your circumstances. Your past is behind you, you have the present and the future to make of it what you please. You have an option whether to dwell in the past or make the present meaningful. The choice is yours. The power is within you to make the change and evolve into the best person you can ever be.

Focus on giving. Extend yourself to reach out to others who need help, offer whatever assistance you can; teach someone so

Work on relationships. Accept others with their flaws. It is good to know that no one is perfect and all of us need to evolve as better human beings. Forgive, move on and let go – these are the three important principles in handling imperfect relationships. These skills allow you to grow without hurting too much within.me of your skills, spend time on charitable deeds. These things help you focus on what you have rather than on what you lack.

Be patient with yourself. Learning to handle your emotions as you change could be a huge test in itself. Work on one habit or behavior at a time. Don’t try to change yourself overnight, it won’t happen. Change happens gradually and spreads to all areas of your life eventually if you persist. This kind of change is lasting and profound.

Have faith – Having some kind of a faith or spiritual belief system helps you feel loved and protected. Faith covers what self cannot cover, but faith is a matter of the heart and if you are up to it, you can feel whole again.

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