How to Get What you Want from Life



Get what you want from life

Do you want to know how to get what you want from life? I am sure that all of us do.There are times when I have worked so hard for the things I have wanted and found that I have been cheated out of them. There are times when I have wanted something so deeply and they just came to me. This is a mystery; I don’t believe that we have answers to all of life’s mysteries. That is what makes life exciting and enjoyable.

However, here are some tips to get what you want out of life -

Know yourself. Most of our problems arise from not knowing ourselves. We wish for things that are not really meant to be a part of our life. When you take time to know yourself; you know deep within what it would take to fill that need inside of you. Material things only appease you for a while, and sooner you realize you may need better, fancier things to keep you happy. There is no end to your wants.

Get a clear picture of your goals, needs and values. It is important that the means, routes and ends are not in conflict with each other. When your means or goals are in conflicts with your value system, you would find that all your efforts go in vain. You could subconsciously adopt self sabotaging activities that set you up for failure.

Get into the specifics of your goal.  Clarity directs and shortens your journey towards your goals. You need to believe that you what you want is your ultimate goal to ensure smooth progression of events to the attainment of your goals. You also need to believe in yourself and your ability to reach your goals.

Employ your secret weapons to get what you want. These are your thoughts, visions/ mental imagery, emotions, words and actions to get them.  (Read a detailed post on how to use these weapons in my next post) The idea is to envision the end in the beginning; you allow yourself to see hear and feel the experience of fulfillment.

Focus your action towards getting what you seek from life. You do not attain enlightenment in a day. All things take time, especially those things that you seek from life. Center your daily routine around that one thing that you want from life. Spreading yourself out thin around many activities would take you away from your life’s purpose.

Make sure that you add affirmation to your daily routine. Positive self-talk is a powerful weapon that few put to good use. Speak as often as you need to, to get what you want out of life.

Never give up; never give in. Getting what you want doesn’t happen at your time schedule, it happens when you persist. 


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