How to Be more Productive

Most of us wish that we had more than 24 hours in a day, we are so busy trying to do things.  Nevertheless, being busy does not mean they really accomplish anything. You need to be productive.  Are you satisfied with your levels of productivity?

Do you feel the need to increase your productivity? If you said ‘yes’ to the second question, you are not alone. I am often engrossed in doing many things, but when I take an inventory of what I have accomplished at the end of the day, I should confess that some days I have nothing much to account for. You could improve your productivity and have this great feeling of satisfaction at the end of the day, if you just tweaked the way you approach your work.

How to increase productivity

Being organised helps you become more productive. A disorganized approach to work or a poorly organized work environment would


cause you to spend more time looking around for things, than actually doing the real work. Therefore, time spent in filing (electronic or otherwise) sorting, cleaning and labeling should be considered as tools to increase productivity and should best be undertaken on a regular basis.
Using software that helps you label and track your work would be worth investing upon.

To increase your productivity on a daily basis you need to Identify time wasters. Things  like chatting with coworkers, chatting online, or answering personal mails when you have other urgent jobs to handle are all time wasters and need to be weeded out.

Cultivate the habit of making a “to do list’ for each day. A to do list helps prioritize your work and making it possible for you to plan and attend to work in an orderly fashion.

Start with the most urgent tasks on your list, gradually move towards the important and essential things.

Another tip to get more productive is to tackle the most difficult job on your list firs t thing in the morning when you are full of energy and excitement. This would make the rest of the tasks on your to do list seem easy. They help you remove psychological blocks that hinder your productivity.

Complete what you start. This is an important step in being productive. It is possible to start many assignments, especially when your work is creative in nature when you discover that  your creative juices aren’t flowing easily. Having many unfinished projects on hand makes it seem like you have done nothing at all. This could lead to low energy levels and make you less inclined to work. Review your unfinished projects periodically to ensure that you complete them all to your satisfaction. The good feeling that comes from having accomplished something is second to none.

Chalk out new routines and habits that help you work effectively. Reorganizing routine, mundane jobs to times when your productivity is naturally low is a great way to increase your productivity.

Working offline could help  increase your productivity. If you are hooked on to playing games or hanging out on Facebook you could reward yourself by engaging in these activities when you have accomplished or completed the tasks on your to do list.

Cut out the distraction. Some individuals have who have the habit of chatting, or browsing and aimlessly wasting time on the internet may profit by doing their work offline and only getting online for the essential tasks. This brings in a certain amount of discipline into your work routine.

You could also cut down the number of times you take breaks for a cup of coffee or a smoke. Instead you could take a longer break and go out for a short walk and get a breath of fresh air around your office block. Being out in the sunshine livens you up and gives you more energy. Studies prove that sunlight helps produce more serotonin, which is a mood enhancer. Oxygen also helps your brain cells to work better. Being cooped up in closed spaces cuts down your productivity.

Enjoy what you do. Make each day something that you can look forward to. Become passionate about your work and work will no longer be a drudgery.
Celebrate your little achievements. To be productive you need motivation., looking for your inspiration to come from outside may not work always, you need to be your own motivator. You could take yourself out for a lunch or a spa treatment on completion of an important project. If you work in a team, doing this as a team helps you bond together and work better as a team.

Make your work station a cheerful place to work at. Some fresh flowers or even some color coördinated office stationery could lift up your mood and make you more inclined to work harder.

Bright lights give you more energy. If you could work near a bright window or even outdoors, go for it. Research proves that bright light helps increase serotonin production and enhance your mood as you work.

Get yourself a goodnight’s sleep. A good day’s work starts with a good night’s sleep. You are more active, alert, energetic and refreshed after a good  night’s rest.

Take a break. Refresh yourself. Come back with brand new energy. Maybe a vacation, or just a day off to rejuvenate yourself would help you de-stress and approach your job with a better frame of mind.

Get inspired. Draw your inspiration from nature, from the things around you. Inspired work becomes a work of art.

Take up challenges, but compete only with yourself. Challenge yourself to the limits, be sure to run the distance and complete the challenge. By doing this you not only learn to handle pressure but also get to know the depth of your potential and ability.

Learn new skills, especially those that are need for the kind of work you do. Make sure you also have the people skills that you may require. You could get passed up when it is time for a promotion because you do not have the right soft skills.

Be open to new ideas. Just because you have followed a certain method of doing a job and are comfortable with it does not mean that it is an efficient way to work. Find more creative and interesting ways of using technology to speed up processes. Being creativity is to be innovative, it is also being highly productive.

Productivity gives rise to increased self-confidence and a sense of satisfaction. The confidence you get from being productive helps you to stretch yourself to the limits and reach for the stars.