7 Tips to Handle Difficult People

There are difficult people all around. They are a part of this puzzle called life. You really don’t have to handle difficult people, did you know that? I really mean it. Let them be and they will handle themselves. What you need to handle is your own emotions and reactions to what they say and do. Well if you are not sure about what I am saying read on, to find out how.

Difficult people have their own difficult lives to lead. Don’t give them any more attention that you really should.

However, pay attention to how to carry yourself when they are around you. Do you carry yourself in such a way that tells them ‘I am here your meek lamb, ready to be bullied?’ Watch your body language and teach yourself a trick or two about walking and talking confidently when they are around you (there are many ‘youtube’ videos out there on confident body language, check them out.)  Make sure to send non-verbal messages that speak of your confidence.  Practice the way you walk and talk in front of a mirror.

Respond only when you need to, at other times you could use the lift of an eyebrow enquiringly or give them a cursory nod. Avoid all verbal confrontations or communication as much as possible.

Refuse to react.  Avoid retorting or trying to get even. If the person is being unreasonable just give them the cold shoulder of neglect. Often no response works better than a retort, a confrontation or even a polite response.

Ensure the support of others around you and make sure that you are always seen in their company at least at the initial stages. It would even do you good to get friendly with the boss of the difficult person, if he/she is your colleague at work. This sends a powerful message to the person to keep away from you.

Speak to someone about how you feel to get some of your frustration out. Understand that a difficult person could be having a difficult life. If you can help such a person in some way that matters to the person, you could make a friend for life.

Lean to relax, take a deep breath and walk away with a shrug. Sometimes these confrontations are really not about you. It is about a chip on the other persons shoulder. Don’t get into their game.


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