Why am I unhappy – 7 Reasons why you could be unhappy?

I have heard many people ask this question – Why am I unhappy? Do you sometimes ask yourself this too? Last week, someone I have known for a long time declared that she was quite unhappy.  People who meet her casually would have never guessed that she was unhappy; however, if you knew her well enough you would know why she wasn’t happy with herself. There is nothing lacking in her life, she has all she wants and yet she is unhappy.

Here are some reasons you may be unhappy with your life.

Taking things for granted. Some people seem to believe that life owes them all that they have. I had the opportunity to work with some disabled children who were abandoned by their parents, a few years ago. A thought suddenly struck me then, what if I had to be the one born with a disability. I knew that the probability was very high I could have been easily been one of them. Life doesn’t owe us anything. We need to be grateful for our heath, our talents, abilities and who we are.  Being grateful is a forceful way of getting your thoughts and emotions focused on positive living.

Comparisons – Comparing yourself with others could often leave you dissatisfied. What you see isn’t always true. Let us get back to the example of the woman I started this article with, she seemed like she had all that it takes to keep her happy and yet she wasn’t. What you see isn’t always close to the truth. When you compare yourself with someone you are comparing two people who do not share the same opportunities, talents, circumstances and resources. It is unfair and unhealthy to make such comparisons. Your comparison needs to be only with yourself. This could help you track your personal growth as an individual and help you progress further at you’re your pace, using your strengths.

Not understanding your purpose in life – Many people live life as it comes.  Not having the right goals and direction in life could be a major cause of unhappiness. Taking time to understand what you want in life and devising your goals both short and long term accordingly will help you find direction and purpose in life. Remember, purpose isn’t about you; it is about what you can do with your life to make others life better.

Greed – I define greed as wanting all that you see, even though they are not what you really need. Greed could also be, wanting those things that really do not belong in your life. Material things only serve to clutter life. They more you have the more you complicate life and make it difficult for yourself.  Keep your life simple and free of greed. Understand what you really need, make do with those things you can live without. They don’t really make you happy though they could give you momentary pleasure.

Lack of focus – When you spread your activities to such an extent that you are spread out thin, you lack focus. You bite off more than you can chew and land up with indigestion and a distaste for life

Focusing on negative thoughts and negative circumstances is a sure fire way to keep you unhappy. Being able to let go of the past and keeping your focus on what you can do to make life better could help you keep your focus sharp and your life less complicated.

Not living in the moment – Too much of emphasis on the past or on the future robs you of the present. When you learn to be happy now, enjoying the present moment, you ensure happiness now and for your future. Focus on how you can make each moment count, your moment is now!

Accept life with its highs and lows. Life is balanced package of happiness and complexity. Being able to accept both as normal facets of life bring the right perspective to life. It is good to remember that it is the difficult moments of life that bring out the best in us. They open our eyes to our strengths as a person and help us grow stronger.

Happiness is your perspective of life. When you change the way you view life you open yourself to contentment and joy in your life.


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